Tamala Africa is a group of young artists from Guinea who practice the traditional Guinean percussion, music and dances. They are based in Gambia since 2005 with new talent always joining from Guinea and others moving on, some having moved to Europe. The group comprises of between 15 and 25 drummers and dancers, based in the Tamala house in Manjai Kunda, where they play for festivals, shows and ceremonies.

Tamala is also a training centre for young African artists. Thus, many young Africans come to learn the practice of traditional dances and instruments. Our artists have many talents and know how to work with a variety of African arts such as the manufacture of traditional instruments, masks or batiks.

In addition, Tamala organizes courses in dance, song, percussion and other traditional instruments for anyone wishing to become familiar with these practices or to improve their skills.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. khadiza

    I miss you all

    Big hug

  2. Thank you all for an excellent afternoon on Monday! The display you put on was superb. I’ve seen many West African groups (both in Africa and here in England) but you guys took it to a different level! Everyone really enjoyed it and it was the highlight of our brief visit to The Gambia.

    I’ll be writing an article about it on my site sometime soon. I’m sure the others will too and I’ll send you the links as they become available.

    all the very best,

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